History of IAB

History of IAB History of the International Association of Bryologists – the first twenty-five years by Robbert Gradstein, Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, gradstein@mnhn.fr [1] Fig. 1. The idea of founding an international organization with the purpose of promoting worldwide cooperation and communication among bryologists had been long in the mind of bryologists in Europe…

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The mission of the International Association of Bryologists (IAB), as a society, is to strengthen bryology by encouraging interactions among all persons interested in byophytes. The International Association of Bryologists (IAB) is an organization established in 1969 at the XI International Botanical Congress in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. The aim of the organization is to promote international…

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World Wide Bryology

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Officers and Council members

TERMS OF OFFICERS (Gallery) President: Jeffrey Duckett (2009-2013)Secretary-Treasurer: Matt von Konrat, (2012)First Vice President: Masanobu Higuchi (2007-2011)Second Vice President: Jiri Vana (2009-2013) TERMS OF COUNCILLORS Min Chuah-Petiot (2007-2011) KenyaEfrain De Luna (2007-2011) MexicoZhang Li (2007-2011) ChinaEmma Pharo (2007-2011) AustraliaRosa Ros (2007-2011) SpainDietmar Quandt (2009-2013) GermanyNadya Konstantinova (2009-2013) RussiaMatt Von Konratt (2009-2013) USA & New ZealandClaudine…

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Guidelines for the Sustainable Harvest of Forest Moss

Guidelines for the Sustainable Harvest of Forest Moss I. Justification for Guidelines The harvest of forest moss for personal and commercial use is important culturally and economically and is likely to continue into the future. Commercial harvest has been reported from the Pacific Northwest of western North America (Peck 2006), the Appalachians of eastern North…

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1. Richard Spruce Award (2009): VP#1 + 2 appointments 2. Hattori Award (2009): VP#2 + 3 appointments (Best paper or series of papers published by a member of IAB within the previous two years in a journal or book; $400 CDN) 3. Hedwig Award (2011): President prior to IBC Congress + 3 appointments (Award to…

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Minutes of the Council meeting in St. Louis ( August 3, 1999)Minutes of the Council Meeting in Lucknow, India (January 25, 2002)Minutes – Vienna, Austria (July 19, 2005) Minutes of IAB Council Meeting, held in Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (26 July 2007).new Minutes of IAB Council Meeting in London (July 17, 2013)


Links to other Bryological Web SitesPlease send changes, broken links or suggestions to the webmaster.Bryological Societies American Bryological and Lichenological Society Austrian Bryological Working Group British Bryological Society Bryological Society of Japan Bryological Association of South Eastern Europe Bryologische – Lichenologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mitteleuropa Bryologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutschlands Bryologische + Lichenologische Werkgroep van de KNNV Finnish…

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