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NEW: archived copies of the BT
For those of you are paid members :) we have uploaded all issues from 1980 to 1989 online. I had an assistant years ago develop a table of contents to these issues as well.
Access is password protected.
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Matt Von Konrat

The Bryological Times was founded in 1980 by S. W. Greene (1928-1989) as a newsletter published for the IAB.

The Bryological Times is published 3-4 times a year and contains items of interest to all bryologists. It includes a variety of columns expressing current thoughts in the field, reports of IAB meetings, news and notes, personalia, reviews of recent publications, a diary of future meetings and workshops, and information on computer developments. Our editors, DorothyBelle Poli and Geert Raeymaekers, encourage everyone to send all contributions (except those for regular columns, which should go directly to the column editors) to:

Dr. DorothyBelle Poli, Primary Editor
220 College Lane
Roanoke College
Salem VA 24153

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  1. Stephan Halloy says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I wonder if it would it be possible to send me a pdf of my paper “Halloy, S. R. P. 1986. The highest bryophyte taxocenes on earth? Bryological Times 37:6-7.” I see you require subscription to access old copies of the Bryological Times, however I wonder if you would be willing to make an exception for this one article given I was the author.
    Many thanks!
    all the best,

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